Watermelon Lip Scrub


Product Overview

Watermelon Handmade Lip Scrub - Luscious

People often ask me what my favorite flavor is? Well when it comes to lip scrubs its always the watermelon as its sweet and delicious. We formulated this lip scrub with just the right amount of oils to not only exfoliate your dry lips but soften and renew them. Just take a small amount rub on lips and lick off excess and apply your favorite Soap Shack lip balm. Comes in a small glass jar that is perfect for leaving in your purse so you never have to deal with dry cracked lips again. 


  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Leaves your lips soft and renewed
  • Tastes amazing just rub on lips to soften and smooth and lick off 
  • Sweet and deliscious




Sugar, olive oil, abyssinica seed oil, castor oil, flavor, mica.