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Switching to Natural Deodorant - The Detox

Posted by Tiffany Meek on 28th Mar 2019

We all want to use more natural products but when it comes to deodorant the last thing we want to do is be uncomfortable or end up stinky. Its true making the switch can seem kind of daunting because … read more

Why you should stop using anti-bacterial soap.

Posted by Tiffany Meek on 20th May 2017

 Do you have anti-bacterial liquid soap? This is a question we get at The Soap Shack quite a bit. Our answer is always no of course. Our main goal and mission at The Soap Shack is to make a prod … read more

Why Natural Handmade Soap?

Posted by Tiffany Meek on 20th May 2017

 The Benefits of using Natural Soap. "Why use natural soap?" It's a common question from people who have never tried anything but commercial soap. We often worry about what goes in our bodies by … read more

Natural Handmade Soap

Posted by James Meek on 20th May 2017

What goes into making our Natural Handmade Soaps? How we choose our ingredients.We put a lot of thought into what goes into our soap.  We selected Olive oil as a base because of all its skin lov … read more