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Why you should stop using anti-bacterial soap.

Posted by Tiffany Meek on 20th May 2017

 Do you have anti-bacterial liquid soap? This is a question we get at The Soap Shack quite a bit. Our answer is always no of course. Our main goal and mission at The Soap Shack is to make a prod … read more

Why Natural Handmade Soap?

Posted by Tiffany Meek on 20th May 2017

 The Benefits of using Natural Soap. "Why use natural soap?" It's a common question from people who have never tried anything but commercial soap. We often worry about what goes in our bodies by … read more

Natural Handmade Soap

Posted by James Meek on 20th May 2017

What goes into making our Natural Handmade Soaps? How we choose our ingredients.We put a lot of thought into what goes into our soap.  We selected Olive oil as a base because of all its skin lov … read more